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Time for a new washer and dryer? Before you buy, it pays to do your research. Take advantage of the research that is already available to you here, and read through the “best” washer and dryers of 2015:

Best Washing Machine of the Year: LG WM8000HVA / Kenmore Elite 41072

Under the skin, the Kenmore 40172 and LG WM8000HVA are identical. They both fit a massive amount of laundry, and wash a small load in under 30 minutes. No matter which one you choose, they’ll get stains out while going easy on delicate clothes, which is why they’ve won this award two years in a row. Both regularly dip below $1,000, so pick whichever one is on sale.

Best Dryer of the Year: Electrolux EWMED70JIW

Electrolux’s flagship dryer not only fits a lot of laundry, but it dries quickly and gently, offering the user a great deal of features in the process. Want a custom cycle to dry a pet bed, or a way to steam stuffed animals clean? The Electrolux EWMED70JIW has it. It’s also a proven winner: this is the fourth year in a row Electrolux has won this award.

Best Washing Machine Feature: Samsung ActiveWash

One of the coolest appliance innovations in years is also one of the simplest: Samsung put a small sink that doubles as a scrub board inside the lid of its ActiveWash-equipped washing machines. After you’re done scrubbing or soaking, just tilt the sink and dump your dirty clothes into the drum. It’s a brilliant idea that makes washing clothes a lot easier.

Best Value Front-Load Washing Machine: LG WM3575CV

With such features as a 30-minute Turbo Wash cycle, superior stain removal, and above-average water removal at the end of a cycle, LG makes some seriously great front-load washing machines. At $750 on sale for the silver WM3575CV and $700 on sale for the white WM3575CW, this washer offers a perfect blend of price and performance.

Best Top-Load Washing Machine: GE GTW680BSJWS

Many consumers prefer a top-loading washing machine, and GE’s all-new GTW680BSJWS is the best you can buy. Built in Louisville, KY, this washer gets clothes clean more effectively and efficiently than any of its competitors, but still lets users choose to add extra water if they prefer. It’s all those options that make this GE a great overall choice.

Best Washing Machine Under $500: Kenmore 25132

You don’t have to spend a lot to get your clothes clean. The Kenmore 25132 might not be as nuanced as pricier machines, but it still does a solid job with stain removal. You can even find it on sale for as low as $399, which is a truly great deal.

Best Value Dryer: Whirlpool Cabrio WED7300DW

There are dryers less expensive than this Whirlpool, but none offers such an unbeatable value. In addition to a unique control panel that makes doing laundry easier than ever, the WED7300DW also lets users add steam to refresh clothes or clean delicate items like stuffed animals.

Best Compact Laundry: Blomberg DHP24412W

There’s a lot of novel technology behind Blomberg’s latest compact dryer, which uses a heat pump to dry clothes. The details of the technology are complex—but suffice it to say, if you live in a small space and need a ventless dryer, this is the one to buy.

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