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    Give us a call, if nobody answers during regular business hours (we all know it happens sometimes), simply leave a message with a preferred time to return your call, and we will return your phone call at that time. She will also address any questions prior to scheduling your appointment.

    Your Home Solutions Provider will arrive within a time frame that fits your schedule and needs (not ours, not the traffic, not lunch breaks, not the phases of the moon, or any other such nonsense).

    The first thing your Home Solutions Provider will do is to conduct an INTERVIEW

    The Interview

    You’re home solutions provider will conduct an “interview” of sorts. Questions will be asked, and measurements will be performed, related to your:

    • Home configuration
    • Current energy usage
    • How you use your current system
    • Comfort issues with your current system
    • Current equipment size, configuration, and condition
    • Indoor air quality concerns
    • Noise issues with your current system
    • Energy savings goals
    • Relative importance of new equipment features
    • New equipment installation parameters

    Why do we need this information. Because, literally thousands of combinations of equipment exists (e.g. efficiencies, capabilities, features, capacities, physical dimensions). We could guess what is right for you and your home, or we could ask. We choose to make sure that your new system meets your needs, not what we “think” your needs might be.

    Finally your Home Solutions Provider will need to determine the proper size of your new equipment, because SIZE MATTERS

    Size Matters

    Your Home Solutions Provider will gather data to calculate the heat loss/heat gain of your home. This process involves measuring the following things:

    • Amount and type of insulation in the walls, ceilings, and floors
    • Wall direction and dimension
    • Window type, direction, and dimension
    • Skylight type, direction, and dimension
    • Type and color of roofing material
    • Type of crawlspace or basement

    Most HVAC contractors do not perform a “load calculation” which essentially means they are guessing what the heat loss/heat gain of the structure might be. Your comfort, the life of the equipment, and energy efficiency are dependent upon the equipment being “properly” sized. In fact, oversized equipment is the #1 reason for premature equipment failure.

    The Options

    Now that your Home Solutions Provider has information regarding your needs, your expections and priorities; and has calculated the proper size for your comfort system; quotations for a few options will be prepared. Depending on the complexity of the system, your Home Solutions Provider will spend about 10-20 minutes preparing quotations for your new comfort system.

    The individual “components” of your comfort system will be specifically chosen to address your needs, expectations, and priorities. As an example, here are some of the parameters that will be considered when choosing the components of your new system.


    • VARIABLE SPEED BLOWER – Lowest energy usage, minimal noise, and consistent air flow
    • TWO STAGE GAS VALVE – evens out the temperature swings by starting at low heat, and increasing to high heat on the coldest days
    • MODULATING GAS VALVE – Your thermostat and furnace are continually “communicating” with each other to match the heat output to the heating need.
    • EFFICIENCY RATING – the higher the efficiency, the less fuel the furnace uses. Minimum efficiency is 80%, and can be as high as 97%.


    • COIL TYPE AND MATERIAL – Aluminum spine-fine coil offer the fewest welds, the best heat transfer, and longest durability compared to a copper plate fin coil.
    • MATCHED INDOOR COIL – Installing an AC and/or a Heat Pump with a mis-matched indoor coil can reduce the effiency by 50%.
    • TWO STAGE COMPRESSOR – evens out the temperature swings by starting at low output, and increasing to high output when required.
    • EFFICIENCY RATING – Air conditioners have a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. Heat pumps have an HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) rating. The higher the rating, the less energy the system uses.


    A hybrid system combines a high efficiency heat pump as the primary source of heat, with a fossil fuel burning furnace (natural gas, propane, or oil) as the backup source of heat. The system’s controls determine which heat source is the most cost effective for the heating needs of the house. The heat pump can usually provide comfortable heat down to about 35-40 degrees. If the heat pump can’t “keep up”, the backup heat comes on to bring the house to temperature. A hybrid system can often save $200 to $300 per year over a natural gas furnace. In addition, with a heat pump you get cooling also, practically for free!

    Finally, your Home Solutions Provider will prepare to make THE PRESENTATION

    The Presentation

    During the presenatation of your home comfort system options, please ask as many questions as you think of. This is your time to make sure that you get all of the information required to make an informed decision.

    If you agree, the Home Solutions Provider will E-mail you the quotations that are of most interest to you. You will also be left with information about our company, and the manufacturer’s information about the equipment. But most of all, you will be left with our gratitude for giving us the opportunity to serve you.