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We’d like to think that we are a heating and air conditioning company like no other. And if given the opportunity, we’d like to show you. We have created this company to deliver the greatest service experience you have ever encountered, by any service company, bar none. Is this a tall order? Absolutely! Are we up to the task? Yes, if you allow us! Would you like to encounter the Hoodview Experience? Thank You! You’re Going to Love The Way You Feel.

What makes Hoodview Heating different? The short answer, a cup of coffee. Well not really a cup of coffee. More like a story about a cup of coffee.

By the end of 2008, at the beginning of the so called “economic downturn”, I became increasingly frustrated with owning a heating and air conditioning company. I had been trying to do everything that anybody told me needed to be done to properly run a heating and air conditioning service, maintenance, and installation company. Then one day I was listening to an interview with Howard Schultz (Starbucks CEO), and he said this: “We don’t serve coffee to people, we serve people, coffee”

Emphasis on serve people. These words would change Hoodview Heating, forever. Hoodview shouldn’t focus on the furnace, or the air conditioner, the flux capacitor, the variable speed warp drive, the widget, the whatsit, or the thing-a-ma-jig. What we needed to focus on was “serving people”. And thus the transformation of Hoodview Heating began. I dedicated myself to transform Hoodview Heating from a company that serviced equipment, to a company that serves people. And I hope that you will become one of those people.

What I realized was that Hoodview Heating should focus on delivering an A+ service experience and develop an ongoing relationship with each customer.

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