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You don’t want to drain your accounts with astronomically high heating bills in the winter months, but you also don’t want to live in a cold, uncomfortable home. To help with this dilemma, taking steps to fix problem areas in your home can help to dramatically reduce how much it costs to keep your home warm and cozy.

Even in well-insulated attics, the access door may not be properly insulated, letting warm air escape through the attic hatch. And if the door is warped or something obstructs the opening, then the door won’t lie flat, allowing air to leak into the attic. “You don’t want any air going up the access,” Rogers says. “You want to make sure the door is insulated, and you want to make sure it forms a good seal.”

To ensure that the door blocks airflow, use adhesive to attach fiberglass batt insulation to the attic side of the door. And if the door won’t lie flat, use a latch bolt system to close it tight.

Our goal at Hoodview Heating and Air Conditioning is to save you money. We can help you install a more efficient furnace, heat pump, and discuss a hybrid system installation. Look through our own Money Saving Tips here.

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