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If your living room is feeling small or you just want it to feel larger and more inviting we’ve got some tips for you. Check out these 10 cleaver tips to make you living room look bigger and get inspired.

1. Lightweight fabrics

So airy, so calm.

Avoid heavy materials that can weigh your room down by absorbing light. Choose light-weight material arond your living room, such as light linen curtains to help it feel the room feel airy.

2. Striped floor

Do you dare?

If you’re daring, consider having a striped floor. This will make your room look like it longer than it really is – magic! Go for black and white for a really striking effect.

3. Choose cool colours

Keep it cool.

White rooms tend to look the largest, but if this doesn’t feel like your cup of tea, choose light greens and blues to brighten up your living room. Your room will feel instantly more spacious.

4. Be shelf-smart

A secret trick.

Don’t fill up all your shelves. Leave some empty spaces to create an airy look. If you have lots of books you need to house, pick floor-to-ceiling bookcases as this will make your ceilings look higher.

5. Keep curtains & wall the same colour

What a GIGANTIC room.

Create a feeling of space by choosing the same colour for your curtains as you have your walls. The room will ooze simplicity, or if you want to go to the whole hog…

6. Clean your windows

Who knew?

Keep your windows clean as dirty windows can distract the eye and prevent the light from coming in. Make sure the glass is clean, inside and out. For a cheap option, fill a spray bottle with white vinegar, and dry using an old newspaper. For more tips like this, check out 21 surprising uses for vinegar.

7. Pick monochromatic colours

Now to pick a colour…

When it comes to your furniture, soft furnishings, fittings, ornaments, curtains and carpets – pick different shades, hints and tones of a single hue. This colour scheme is easy on the eyes, so you’ll be able to take in the whole room without being interrupted by other colours.

8. Keep your floor visible

You can see the floor! How spacious.

Have a clear floor as much as possible by choosing sofas and TV stands with legs. Your room will feel instantly more open. Glass coffee tables will also be a great idea as the light will be filtered through to the floor.

9. Clear clutter

Keep it neat & tidy.

There’s nothing worse than a build-up of clutter to leave your living room feeling small. Get back that calm and order by following Anushka’s Declutter Your Home: 7 stress-free ways to do itnow. You’ll have less to clean and less to worry about.

10. Paint in dark to light, from low to high

Dark… light… lighter!

If your floor is dark then paint your ceiling in a light shade. This will give the illusion of space as your eye will be drawn upwards.

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