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We’d like to think that we are a heating and air conditioning company like no other...

If given the opportunity, we’d like to show you. We have created this company to deliver the greatest service experience you have ever encountered, by any service company, bar none. Is this a tall order? Absolutely! Are we up to the task? Yes, if you allow us!

Always receive prompt, efficient service from Hoodview Heating & Air. I really appreciate Brian Barrie’s thoughtful practice of covering his shoes each time he comes into my house – no mess on my carpets to clean. Thank you, Brian

Dorthy MHoodview Heating & Air Conditioning Customer

We service the following types of equipment:

Gas & Electric Furnaces

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Heat Pumps

+ Packaged Heat Pumps

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Air Conditioners

+ Packaged Gas Furnaces/Electric Air Conditioners

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Ductless Mini-Splits

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Save 15%+ with Scheduled Seasonal Maintenance

  • Your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system consists of a lot of expensive and complex equipment.
  • It requires regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly.
  • These systems commonly fail due to a lack of proper maintenance.
  • With regularly scheduled, preventative maintenance, you’ll enjoy the hottest summers and the coldest winters from the comfort of your home.
  • Our Comfort Club Membership has saved countless people tons of money, energy and time.

It was time for our annual maintenance. In addition – during subfreezing weather our outdoor propane furnace was on again – off again even though we had a heat lamp to prevent freezing. Brian Barrie – owner of Hoodview HAC found that a water collection point was not reached by heat lamp. He installed a heat tape, which I had, and fixed the problem – For no additional charge.

Bob and Beverly S.Hoodview Heating & Air Conditioning Customer

Brian was exactly on time and very courteous. His explanations were clear and thorough. The work was done in a timely manner.

Rita K.Hoodview Heating & Air Conditioning Customer

Quick diagnosis and quick resolution.

Daniel and Huli R.Hoodview Heating & Air Conditioning Customer

Just wanted to let you know… We L O V E our new air handler & Heat Pump. We are spoiled rotten now. Just paid it off so it’s all ours :o) Would highly recommend you, your service/installation and your equipment. Everything was smooth sailing from the start – A/C was sooooo nice during the end of summer! Constant air movement is fantastic. Toasty warm heat, programmed just the way we like it & low energy bills! Thanks!

Judy and Chris W.Hoodview Heating & Air Conditioning Customer

4.9/5 rating based on over 290 verified reviews at Angi.com

  • A+ Service Experience is the mutual goal of our company and our customers.
  • Enthusiastic team training and cooperation.
  • Our goal is a process to continually improve our technical, business, and customer skills.
  • Provide excellence in all areas of service to our customers.
  • Within all forms of communications and contact with customers, vendors, and team members.
  • We hire, train, motivate, and reward based on 3 main hallmarks: Integrity, Personal Responsibility, and Commitment.

We’ve used Hoodview for 3 homes and a business. We appreciate the same day or next day response time in addition to their competent service and fair pricing.

Harry D.Hoodview Heating & Air Conditioning Customer

Quick Tip:
Change Your Filters

Filters Get Dirty

Filters accumulate dust over time and your HVAC filters the air you breathe through them. It’s important to change them with regularity.

Filters Should Be Replaced

You can purchase filters to fit your HVAC and change them every quarter to keep the air your breathing clean. This is an easy and quick fix that can allow you to keep your environment comfortable.